Merchant Account

Applying for a merchant account is fast and simple. You will no longer have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for invoices to be paid. Credit cards allow funds to be transferred to your bank within 48 hours. Let’s get started…

After you have established your business checking account, you will need to determine how you will accept credit cards. Will you do business in person where you will swipe the customer’s card? Or will you be accepting credit card orders by mail, telephone or over the Internet? It could be a combination of all of those and you will need to know the estimated percentage of the different types of transactions. Processing rates for swiped credit card transactions are lower due to lower inherent risks.

You will also need to know your average number of transactions per month, your average dollar amount per transaction and your estimated monthly sales volume. An EZ Pay Inc representative will help guide you through the process. We will help ensure that you are qualifying at the lowest rate possible while reducing the risk associated with accepting cards.

We find that most merchants have been “locked” into merchant processing contracts with stiff early termination penalties. Remember that EZ Pay Inc does not commit our customers to any type of contract. We offer a month-to-month agreement without a termination penalty. We choose to earn our business every month by offering a high level of customer service and competitive pricing.