Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a merchant account to accept credit cards?

Absolutely. Your business must be registered with a member bank or affiliate to permit the movement of funds from credit card transactions. The first of these is your Visa and MasterCard account followed by American Express and Discover if you choose to accept these cards. At EZ Pay Inc, we will open these additional accounts for you at no extra charge.

Can I use any bank for my business checking account or does it have to be yours?

EZ Pay Inc will direct your funds to any US Bank you designate. You will be asked to send us a voided check on the account you wish your funds to be deposited. Your Merchant Account at EZ Pay Inc is transparent to your regular business bank account.

How long does it take to open a Merchant Account?

Once your application is submitted to underwriting, approval is within 24 hours. Once your account is approved, we can usually download to your equipment that same day and your merchant account will be ready to use.

How much do I pay for a Merchant Account?

EZ Pay Inc does not charge for merchant accounts. Many processing companies hide these charges as application fees or programming fees. EZ Pay Inc does not make you pay to be our customer.

Are all processing companies the same?

No. The differences are staggering. Don't be lead to believe that the largest is the best. They will have just as many problems as the smallest and you will find nobody interested in helping you get the problem straight.

How important is pricing for the Merchant Account?

Pricing is very important and you need to be cautious of teaser rates as they are just quoting what the lowest interchange rate is for all merchants.

What kind of equipment should I get?

The type of equipment will depend on your needs and EZ Pay Inc can help you determine the right solution for your business. Remember that all equipment is industry mandated to be Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant by the PCI DSS Council which consists of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. All of the equipment that EZ Pay Inc sells or rents is PCI DSS compliant.

Should I buy or lease this equipment?

Although we can offer leasing, we advise against it as you are usually committed for four years and total of the payments would be four times that of purchasing the equipment and you would still be required to pay a fee at the end of the lease in order to purchase the equipment. Equipment is inexpensive to purchase and you also have the option of a rental plan where you would own the equipment outright after a short rental period. We offer free rental programs and no early termination fees.