Hypercom P1300

PINpad 1000SE


The Hypercom P1300 is available.
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  • Simple, functional design provides low cost migration to new PCI PED security standards

  • Can be equipped with Hypercom standard RS-422, RS-232, or USB Client for easy integration with existing POS equipment

  • Operates with any Hypercom terminal that uses DUKPT encryption automatically by simply plugging the unit into the payment device's PIN pad port

  • Uses the same key loading system (HKLM) as previous generation PIN pads to save customers time and money on new equipment and training

  • Small, ergonomic design fits comfortably in customers' hands.

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Verifone PINpad 1000SE
Hypercom P1300
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The Hypercom P1300 PCI-approved PIN entry device is designed to meet the PCI PED security standards for PIN entry, providing merchants with low-cost migration to newly imposed security guidelines. It is compatible with all Hypercom product families and features flexible communications options for rapid integration with electronic cash register (ECR) systems.

  • Provides clear instructions to the user facilitating the transaction process
  • Features customary keypad layout with easily identifiable function keys that are fully compliant with industry standards
  • Includes three soft keys below the display that provide users more control over the transaction process
  • Compact design ensures users can easily handle the unit and allows them freedom to further shield their PIN entry with their body or hand
  • Supports both DES and Triple DES DUKPT encryption to protect valuable cardholder PIN information
  • Tamper-proof design meets stringent security standards that safeguard the device from external attacks
  • Meets new PCI PED security guidelines
Keypad Elastomeric: 16 keys, water splash-resistant, hard keycaps
Display 2 x 16 characters
Communications RS-422 PIN pad port (standard)
RS-232 or USB client (optional)
Power 5v @ 240mA - 12v @ 100mA (standard)
Security Physical: PCI-PED approved; intrusion detection
Encryption DES: PIN-ANSI X9.8, MAC-ANSI X9.9
Triple DES: ANSI X9.52
Key management: DUKPT, ANSI X9.24 Part 1
Footprint 3.31 in x 6.02 in x 1.30 in / 84 mm x 153 mm x 33 mm
Weight 0.40 lbs/0.18 kg
Environment Temperature: 0-45°C/32-115°F
Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
ESD: 12,000 volts
Reliability 100,000 hours (MTBF calculated)

The Hypercom P1300 is available
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