About our Company

We formed EZ Pay, Inc in 1996 to focus technology and language skills upon the electronic payment industry product lines. This combination of payment technology that is truly "state-of-the-art" and the ability to communicate in the global marketplace has been extremely successful.

We were founded on the basis that the merchant services industry needed someone that was dedicated to integrity and honesty and was fully focused on serving the best interest of its customers.  We have stayed true to our principles by treating our customers fairly and honestly.   As a result, we have experienced an ever growing customer base throughout the USA with a very high customer retention rate.

EZ Pay, Inc  delivers customized solutions to businesses of all sizes and supports the latest brands of POS equipment and software for the transaction of Credit, Debit and EBT Cards; Check Conversion, Guarantee and Collection; Secure Internet Gateways; and Customer Loyalty and Gift Cards.  We can help clients with the issuing of Prepaid Cards, Payroll Cards, Stored Value Card Programs, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards and Rewards Cards.  EZ Pay also offers Complete Accounts Receivable and Credit Management Solutions.

Electronic payment processing has become a field where change and security are the order of the day. In order to assure our clients and their customers that electronic transactions are safe and secure, our bank is committed to continually updating its systems to insure that they are PCI DSS compliant.

EZ Pay, Inc is dedicated to our clients by combining our experience, technology, and personal customer services into a package that provides unparalleled savings without compromising the quality of our service.

Welcome to EZ Pay, Inc! Rest assured that we will take good care of your business.